2019. April 26. From Eclecticism to Bauhaus – a 100 minutes walk

SUN 10:00, 16:00

The walking tour goes from Andrássy út having eclectic architectural appearance to Bauhaus styled Újlipótváros.

Andrássy út –  created after the Austro-Hungarian compromise – is featuring practically one single architectural style: eclecticism.  By the turn of the century followed by WWI, architecture became a lot more “low-keyed”. After this “break”, new developments started that were strongly influenced by the now centenarian Bauhaus from Germany – mostly in terms of functional and esthetic mentality. En route we will explore two faces of Budapest: the earlier eclectic and the Bauhaus shaped “modern” sections.

Guide: Tamás Kőnig architect

Meeting point: VI. Kodály körönd, statue of Vak Bottyán