2019. April 21. Budapest100 presents: Pécs, the cradle of Bauhaus [*REG]

Walking tour „Bauhaus”: from the heart of Pécs city to „the crown of Mecsek-mountain”.

The role of Pécs city is important in the history of the Bauhaus: Alfred Forbat, Farkas Molnar and Marcell Breuer were born here as well. During the guided tour which will last from the Széchenyi Square to the Hotel Kikelet, visitors will meet the aspects of Pécs of Bauhaus and early modern architecture.

Tour guides: Katalin Getto aesthete, translator, architectural critic, and Gábor Veres DLA, architect

Meeting point: Pécs, on the Széchenyi Square, before the entrance of the Mosque.
Date: 27.04.2019. (Saturday)
Groups start: 14:00 and 14:30 (20 people/group)

Route: Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kasim (Széchenyi Square)-Forbát-villa (Kaposvári Street)-Kalliwoda-villa (Surányi Square)- Szent Imre Monastery-Hotel Kikelet

Registration: pecsibauhaus@gmail.com (max. 2 people/e-mail)

Program organizers: Gabriella Pozsonyiné Puskás, Dóra Pozsonyi