2020. March 16. The organizers of Budapest100 about the period of the coronavirus

Health is a primary concern for the organizers of Budapest100. We monitor and follow the events as well and comply with the regulations, which apply to everyone in this crisis caused by the outbreak. We have many fans, therefore our responsibility is even greater when it comes to organizing such an event as this year’s jubilee. Some good news amidst all the worrisome news cycle is that there were more buildings than ever to join the program of this festive year.

We know that we must ensure circumstances under which we can celebrate with our minds at ease. Therefore, we will decide on the date of the Budapest100 until the end of the month of March. The event will under no circumstances be cancelled, but we want to guarantee a 100% safe conditions for the residents of the participating houses, for our visitors, our volunteers and any other colleague.

We now ask for your patience and we wish a healthy retreat, remote work and online-learning to all of you and see you at the tenth!