Nantes Creative Generations Forum


During the autumn of 2018 Julianna Libárdi and János Klaniczay, the two project leaders of Budapest100, participated in a 4-day workshop in the western corners of France. Nearly 30 international projects were represented in the city of Nantes by young entrepreneurs.

The city municipality of Nantes has for a long time emphasised on the importance of funding young people. The main event for this is the annual Nantes Creative Generations Forum, where 10 local and 20 international projects are invited. The goal of the forum is knowledge transfer, networking, and the preparations for a possible collaboration between projects. We got to know a great variety of projects from more than 20 countries, such as dancing on public squares in Nantes, traveling theatre from Italy, a Polish community café, an independent art centre from Belgrade, Belgian music festival, or a Georgian community building festival.

The international group was amazed by the complexity and success of Budapest100. Our online database from the past years’ architectural research was very popular, but the most positive recognition we got was for the hundreds of volunteers who participate every year. The success of Budapest100 is also about involving the local residents, and the 20.000 visitors who roam the city following our maps every spring.

During the 4-day forum a number of creative workshops also took place, on subjects of financing, international cooperations, and management of creative brainstorming. Naturally we also had the opportunity to visit the city of Nantes, magnificent gothic cathedrals, and incredible moving steaming machines as well.

The methodology, workflow and success of Budapest100 is very special, and it is well worth to share it with foreign colleagues and partners. Our city celebration would not be possible without the volunteers and the residents every year. We’ll continue in 2019!


2018.11.19. Budapest

János Klaniczay, architect

Budapest100 project-coordinator

Photo: Guillaume Kerhervé (NCG)