2019. March 4. ’The neighbours are coming…’ - Interesting house stories and exciting ideas of activities on the second meeting of residents

On the second meeting of residents and volunteers, the organization of the programs continued. The organizers presented the history and operation of Budapest100 to the newcomers, as well as what to know about the event and what are the main deadlines.

Since the first residents’meeting, more houses decided to open to the public. The residents came with interesting stories to tell and exciting program ideas, while in those houses that already joined the organization continued.

From what can be heard, the activities will be colorful: quizzes, outside programs in the courtyards, child playhouse, organized visits and street festival are all among the planned programs. Many houses had famous residents: actress Zsuzsa Csala, writer Emil Kolozsvári Grandpierre, count János Esterházy and director Pál Sándor also used to live in a Bauhaus building.

Many residents reported enthusiastic residents’communities, whose members are eager to help organizing activities and making research about their own flat.

The meeting continued in smaller groups. The residents, the organizing and researching volunteers were brainstorming together about future tasks.

While we were lucky to hear many interesting stories about the houses already, the visitors of the Budapest100 event will be able to know these on the 4-5th of May.


04.03.2019., Budapest
Dóra Pozsonyi, Communication volunteer
Photo @ Tibor Polinszky