2019. February 13. It has begun! We have over 200 addresses on our site already!

First round of meetings took place between Budapest100 volunteer crew and the residents of the houses. This year we have over 200 addresses on our list to be filtered, sorted and selected, and about 200 volunteers to help out.


The event managers presented the schedules, the residents shared stories about their homes built in Bauhaus style, many provided useful information for our researchers. As revealed, they live in houses designed by famous architects like Farkas Molnár, Béla Tauszig, Zsigmond Róth or István Janáky & Son.


A brainstorming session took place with the help of volunteers, where the locals got some practical ideas about how to involve other inhabitants in participating the event, what details of style make a house Bauhaus or, if non-renovated war damages are a problem. Budapest100 this year is going to be a thrill!

13.02.2019., Budapest
Szilvia Tóth, trainee
Photo © Zsófia Sipos