2020. February 7. We held this year’s first Resident’s Meeting

Budapest 100 – urban festivity


Never in the history of Budapest100 have we had so many people at a First Resident Meeting! The people present represented 31 buildings, which in itself sets a new record! About half of them were reopening houses, and half represented new participants.

We had 41 of our volunteers present as well, some of whom will become researchers, others will help establish relations as program organizers.

We’ve listened together to the motivated(/ing) introduction by Bálint Kádár, director of KÉK (Contemporary Architecture Centre) about his experiences of the previous years’ events: “The visitors of Budapest100 are always welcomed by hosts who proudly present their homes, where they live, where they work. It is a wonderful feeling to have so many people interested in us, we love to show them the clean and tidy doorways and floors, or even those which appeal with their shabby charm, we love to tell their stories. This is what makes Budapest100 a contemporary event.”

Barbara Szij talked about research methodology; project coordinators Tímea Szőke and János Klaniczay gave a quick “Bp100 system 101”; then previous program participants introduced themselves, followed by the newcomers. Judging by the laughs, casual questions, cheerful introductions, heartfelt reunions, and all the stories, it seemed as if our jubilee call addressed to the entire city had payed off: this time, not just the downtown districts and a few streets on the Buda side answered the call, but we have building complexes from Újpest, Kőbánya and Kispest as well. We are especially happy about the interest taken by the profession: the amazing HQ of MÉSZ (the Association of Hungarian Architects) in Ötpacsirta street will be one of our new sites in May. Among this year’s sites, we have a newly joined building celebrating its 100th anniversary, but we also have a building, which is older than a hundred, but recently renovated. Many told us about having researched the story of their houses for years, and now they finally get the opportunity to share it with the public.

We are looking forward to the next resident meeting in KÉK, when residents and volunteers will already work on designing the program of the weekend, divided by zones. See you Thursday night, February 20!

Thank you for coming!


Photo: Érsek Máté és Trombitás Tamás / Budapest100