Zárt ház

Belgrád rakpart 23.

  • Architect:

    id. Wagner János
  • Built:

  • Build by:

    Winkler Mihály
  • Builder:

    nincs adat
  • Function:

  • Opening hours:

    SZOMBAT–VASÁRNAP 12:00–16:00
  • Researched:

  • Parcel Number:

  • Photo:

    Szokodi Bea
  • Research:

    Szarka Zsófia
  • Volunteers:

    Páger Anikó, Szánthó Eszter, Wittmann Imola Lilla


It may not be apparent from the distance, but János Wagner’s unusually old building is hiding on the Riverside. Among the former owners of the now 170 years old building we can find the influential Gillming family and later on the Hültl family. Residents were Gyula Klein, botanist and Abadijev Vasco, Bulgarian violinist.

Events of the house