Programs of the house

Eötvös utca 3. – Mayor’s Office of Terézváros

  • Architect:

    Weber Antal
  • Built:

    1879, 1880, 1881
  • Build by:

    Földművelés-, Ipar- és Kereskedelemügyi Minisztérium
  • Researched:

  • Photo:

    Polinszky Tibor
  • Research:

    Thury György
  • Volunteers:

    Dorosz Zsanna


The building was inaugurated in 1881 and during its 140 years of history it experienced several shifts in function. Initially it operated as the Hungarian Royal Pawnshop, then, among others, as the People’s Healthcare Museum (1920) furthermore as the VI. District City Council. Today it serves as the building hosting the Mayor’s Office of the VI. District.

Events of the house