Programs of the house

Trombitás út 19.

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  • Architect:

    Josef Hoffmann
  • Built:

    1908, 1909
  • Build by:

    nincs adat
  • Opening hours:

    SZOMBAT - VASÁRNAP 10:00 - 18:00 // SATURDAY- SUNDAY 10:00-18:00
  • Researched:

  • Photo:

    Polinszky Tibor
  • Research:

    Vízkelety László
  • Volunteers:

    Mangold Zita, Vízkelety László


The Pikler villa on Trombitás Street is the only viennese Art Nouveau-style building in Budapest, designed by Josef Hofmann, the architect of the Stoclet Palace in Brussels. Once hidden behind the puritan façade, there was a Art Nouveau-style interior artwork created by the Wiener Werkstätte workshop.

Events of the house