2018. January 27. Our volunteers are all set!

This past week, Budapest100 was thrilled to welcome 156 lovely and enthusiastic volunteers who are keen to help out at our events this year. The introduction was held at the OSA, in Arany János street. After an opening speech by Bálint Kádár, the president of KÉK, volunteers listened to informative talks on the ins and outs of the work behind Budapest100 from our project leaders - Julianna Libárdi and János Klaniczay, and our leaders of research - Barbara Szij and Nóra Németh. Finally, Miklós Tamási (Fortepan), one of the minds behind the entire concept of Budapest100 kicked off this year's season with a short speech. Afterwards, there was time for the volunteers to get to know each other as well as their coordinators, and for everyone to get to grips with the work they will be doing in the coming months. Finally, everyone picked up the information packs, letters and posters that they will be delivering to the buildings they were assigned to. The distribution of these has already begun, thus laying down the groundwork for a Budapest-wide buzz for May! This year, we're expecting several hundreds of buildings nestled around 24 squares to open their doors to our visitors.