2019. March 27. Institutions in the program of Budapest100

Besides blockhouses, institutions also participate in Budapest100. So on the first weekend of May, visitors can enter the buildings whose history is much less known. This time you can visit the institutions with the guidance of their colleagues.

Representatives of interested institutions asked their questions to the organizers during a meeting, but most of them arrived already with program ideas for the 4th-5th of May, such as exhibitions with projectors, round-tables, guided tours and concerts. We are not yet introducing the participants, but we can tell you that a wide range of facilities are attracted: beach, theater, memorial house and even a school. There is a good chance to engage the grandchild of a famous person, so we can expect some intimate guided tour. Further details in April!


27.03.2019., Budapest
Szilvia Tóth, trainee
Photo @ Barna Berzsák, Judit Spanyár (Camera Anima), Szilvia Gyulai

Main image @ Dorottya Duzsik