2019. April 24. Exhibition on the Csépai villa

I. KER. Tigris utca 46.

SAT-SUN 11:00–18:00

In the garden of the villa – which was one of the highest standard at the time – there was an automated irrigation system built. Golden fishes were swimming in the two round basins.

At the upper basin a tin frog was used as water-spout. The two basins were connected – making use of the fall – by an ashlared creek. Rock-garden, rose-bushes also decorated the garden. In the foyer at the ground floor there was a radiator surrounded with olive-green Zsolnay tiles. Above it there was an art pottery, representational picture by István Gádor.

On the fence of the garden there will be an exhibition on the history of the villa.

Researcher:  Rebeka Pál