2019. February 16. Nirvana Silnovic: Josef and Anni Albers – Voyage Inside a Blind Experience

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Croatia
10 January – 21 April 2019

On the occasion of Bauhaus centenary the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb is organising a multisensory exhibition Josef and Anni Albers: Voyage Inside a Blind Experience. The exhibition is a result of an international cooperation between Atlante Servizi Culturali, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, and l’Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano. Besides Zagreb, exhibition will be shown at Santa Maria della Scala Museum in Siena, and The Glucksman Gallery, University College Cork, Ireland. The project VIBE has been co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Commission.

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The exhibition features 63 works of Josef and Anni Albers, one of the leading pioneers of twentieth-century modernism and key figures in the development of abstract art and art education in the world. Extremely valuable pieces, borrowed from Josef and Anni Albers Foundation (Connecticut, USA), offer a survey of their work spanning from the early studies made in 1920s to oil paintings and graphics from 1960s and 1970s. This is the biggest exhibition dedicated to the famous couple in the region. The exhibition includes pieces from the Josef Albers’ most famous cycle Homage to the Square and some of the textiles by Anni Albers, who always emphasized how textile, both in its functional role and as a wall decoration, should be considered as artistic form.

Exhibition is adapted to blind and visually impaired people. All 63 works will be accompanied by the tactile reproductions which will enable visitors to examine them through touch and hearing.

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“For visitors with visual disabilities, a didactic approach is usually chosen, helping them to recognize artworks by tracing compositional lines using touch. All this is absolutely necessary, but by exploring the potentials of those same lines, freed from a merely figurative approach and developing a compositional and stylistic understanding, whit a little help, it is possible, to come near to an experience that can be called aesthetic. This experience will be accompanied by multisensory criteria and the staff will be trained in the fields of design and management of inclusive visits. In this sense, each visitor will be introduced to an exploration of the work that goes beyond the usual visual or didactic approach. It will also be possible to experience darkness through the creation of a dark room that will allow for sensitive, cognitive and parallel exercises. Then there will be the aspect of sharing spaces dedicated to art and the development of participated sensibility: all the visitors will be able to move around and enjoy the place at the same time. The human and emotional interactions that derive from this will be one of the main elements of this project.”[1]

Exhibition link:
Josef i Anni Albers – putovanje kroz slijepo iskustvo
MSU galerija, 10. 1. – 21. 4. 2019.

VIBE project:
Voyage Inside a Blind Experience

Budapest, 16.02.2019.
Nirvana Silnović

Main image: Anni Albers (June 12, 1899 – May 9, 1994), German-American textile artist and printmaker. Photo source: WIKIPEDIA [Gobonobo]