2020. February 24. Our volunteer's resumé of the second Residents' Meeting

Not every house has a wonderful roof-garden…

…but every house has a community. Wonderful or less wonderful. But if the house is a Budapest100 participant, then there is a good chance that it already has a great community, or that there will be one afterwards. This is the purpose of this year’s jubilee: we celebrate the communities of the houses that open their doors for the weekend. For this reason, for our second residents’ meeting, we arranged the participants around tables, workshop-style, and asked them to brainstorm in groups: come up with buzzwords, what kind of programs they would do? The biggest success was the idea of a resident-petting zoo: as Anna explains the concept to us. Collective house-cleaning, tree-planting, sustainability, marriages in the house, trash-collecting, ‘touch and feel’, animal- and/or resident-petting zoo… One creative idea after the other, the residents and the volunteers were taking busy notes at the KÉK (Contemporary Architecture Centre) headquarters on Bartók Béla street. The brainstorming sessions of the four groups, divided by the four Budapest zones, was loud of laughter and chatter, which filled the air of the co-working space with creative vibes. The second half of the workshop was about establishing a concrete implementation strategy for each program. For this, we used the personal experiences of former volunteers, as well as the program brochures of previous years. Some want to focus on presenting the neighborhood through local programs at the house, others want to start with a collective cleaning in the name of “sustainable and selective Budapest100”. And there was also the idea of planting trees and flowers together with the visitors. We had propositions for games, setting up a play corner, organizing mini-concerts. But the biggest success was definitely the idea of the resident-petting zoo.


Text: Anna Hornyik

Photo: Tibor Polinszky and Máté Érsek