2019. April 24. Pesti Vigadó

V. KER. Vigadó tér 2.

“Graphic design”

Selected works from the XXI. Graphic Design Biennale and Bauhaus 100 poster exhibition

SAT-SUN 10:0019:00
Free admission

SAT 10:00–17:00 The creator introduces herself: Anna Regős textile designer, owner of Noémi Ferenczy  prize, Palmetta Design

The  XXI. Graphic Design Biennale showcases applied graphical works from 2017-2018. It transmits information on the actual status of the genre in relation to the domestic communication design and function oriented visual arts. A chamber exhibition around “Bauhaus 100” has been organized from selected works to salute the historic traditions of graphic design. There are also  posters set out for display to cite the pedagogic idealism and taste forming spirituality of the centennial institution, Bauhaus. This is for the first time that these 2019 posters by Hungarian artists are exhibited for the public.