2017. April 9. Programs coming soon

The weekend of Budapest100 is getting close. As of 10 April the list of joining houses and programs will be available on our webpage.

Feel free to browse and plan, be ready: we’ll have 54 open houses, numerous guided walks and events on the weekend of 22-23 April.

As of 11 April printed program guides are accessible here:

– Blinken OSA Archívum (V. Arany János u. 32.)
– KÉK (XI. Bartók Béla út 10-12.)
– Tourinform – Sütő utca (V. Deák tér/Sütő utca)
– FUGA Budapesti Építészeti Központ (V. Petőfi Sándor u. 5.)

Each program can be visited free of charge, we might request pre-registration in some cases. Registrations are accepted from 11 April. Please note that we accept only 2 registrations from one email address.