2019. April 26. Roaming in “Újlipócia”

V 11:30 Újlipóciai barangolás (HU)
SUN 14:00 Walking tour in Újlipótváros (EN)
DIM 16:00 Visite guidée dans le quartier du Újlipótváros (FR)


A city was born in the city!  We will explore how the largest and most organic modern quarter of Budapest came to life between the two world wars.

What was there in Szent István park’s stead  100 years ago? Where is the name of Gyöngyház utca coming from? How about the yellow-star houses? We will try to answer these and other questions during the walk in Újlipótváros that goes from Szent István park to Gyöngyház utca touching Pozsonyi út and Balzac utca as well.


Találkozó: Szent István parkban a Bubi állomás mellett
Meeting point: In Szent István park, next to the Bubi station
Point de r-d-v: À Parc Szent István, à côté de la station de Bubi