Programs of the house

Hankóczy Jenő utca 3/a

  • Built:

  • Build by:

    Belvárosi Házépítő Rt.
  • Function:

    Balla-villa [családi ház]
  • Researched:

  • Parcel Number:

  • Photo:

    Polinszky Tibor
  • Research:

    Édelmayer Zsófia
  • Volunteers:

    Tóvári László


Szigfrid Frigyes Balla, the Secretary-General of the Hungarian Trade and Industry Hall, wanted a house designed according to the most modern principles, so he chose the best designer for this task. His art patronage is also remarkable: thanks to him appeared the volume with the title: Night on the Outskirts by József Attila.

Events of the house