Programs of the house

Lőrinc pap tér 3.

  • Architect:

    Staerk Sándor
  • Built:

  • Build by:

    Liebner Józsefné
  • Function:

  • Researched:

    2018, 2020
  • Parcel Number:

  • Photo:

    Szokodi Bea
  • Research:

    Győrfi Dániel, Gácsi Zsuzsanna
  • Volunteers:

    Perényi László (CaPE, lakó)


The husband of the developer of this four-storey neo-baroque block of flats was the imperial and royal naperer József Liebner of Kakucs. Apart from having a honey storage in the building, being a beekeeper, he also ran a local pub here, getting on the nerves of the Jesuits on the other side of the street, and the residents of the all-girl’s orphanage next door. His initials can be seen above the main gate. The building is also known as Darányi Palace, named after István Darányi, an influential liquor-merchant, who lived here from 1933.

Events of the house