Programs of the house

Tárnok utca 9-11. [Budavári Általános Iskola]

  • Architect:

    Ferenc Kangyal
  • Function:

  • Opening hours:

    SZOMBAT 10:00–15:00 // SATURDAY 10:00–15:00
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  • Photo:

    Csertán Tamás
  • Research:

    Fekete Dorka
  • Volunteers:

    Fekete Dorka


The history of education in the Buda Castle dates back to 1867, when jesuits founded a school complex at the location of the present-day Hotel Hilton, hence for a long time, Hess András Square was called Iskola [School] Square. Education was held in these buildings till the end of World War II. Untill 1963, an elementary school was functioning in 7 Táncsics Mihály Street, then it was moved to Tárnok Street due to its tumbledown condition. The current schoolbuilding was built on the former place of Esterházy Palace in 1968-69.

Events of the house