Programs of the house

Horánszky utca 4.

  • Architect:

    Gottgeb Antal
  • Built:

    1870, 1871, 1912
  • Build by:

    nincs adat
  • Researched:

  • Photo:

    Polinszky Tibor
  • Research:

    Vass László (CaPE)
  • Volunteers:

    Vass László (CaPE)


This two-storey historic building is a national monument, today in Horánszky utca, formerly Zerge utca. The front part of the building was designed in 1871 by one of the acknowledged architects at the time, Antal Gottgeb. The back part of the building is a three-storey extension, built in 1912. The building, among it’s architectural value, hides many treasures of applied arts. The stairway is decorated by red marble, decorative cast iron railing and colourful glass windows. On the upper level, a Zsolnay fireplace and two, officially protected, decorative stove can be found. But the most valuble item of the house is the large glass window in the staircase from 1882, from the time of Lőrinc Schlauch, bishop of Nagyvárad. The picture is a masterwork of Sándor Ligeti, a great glassmaker, and depicts Mary with the baby Jesus. The original work of art was reinstalled during the last big renovation, after many years of absence. The renovation of the building is ongoing, the majority of the building is ready, the roof and the courtyard are still waiting for the works to start.

Events of the house