“Echoes of the Past” – Fashion and late modern



    Related to this year’s Budapest100 theme, the photo series “Echoes of the Past” features the work of Meri Shirzai (@shhhh_mary) and Melinds Barát (@for.you.just.salem) realized with the help of photographer András Boros (@andrasaboros).

    The series of photographs was created to highlight the distinctive beauty and essence of Budapest’s ’70s buildings, highlighting their rich history and combining it with the unforgettable colourful style of the ’70s, with original ’70s pieces from Komondors Vintage shop. You can find more details about the behind-the-scenes of the photo shoots in the blog post of Undoubtedly Hazy.

    For the project, a Russian-born poet, Taisiia Zvereva, was asked to summarise in a few thoughts what Budapest is like for a foreigner who is a passionate admirer of the city:

    ”Architecture is one of the most ambitious ways of creating art that human hands can create, and no art can exist without the creator’s soul contributing to it, and this is evident in every detail on the various buildings scattered throughout Budapest. From a bird’s eye view, this city appears like a huge jigsaw puzzle made up of different cultures and the country’s multiethnic past. The gigantic city, divided into two parts by the river, combines a huge historical past with a future that brought the people together. The buildings around the city combine bits of different cultures, influences of different peoples and architectural styles ranging from postmodern to the Gothic style already familiar to Europe-lovers.”

    ”The diversity of international architects and artists who have invested their labor and soul is reflected in every street and detail of Budapest. Architecture is not just an integral part of life in this city, it is one of the main prides of its inhabitants. You can often hear: look up to the tops of buildings more often; and walking around the city center you can see thousands of tourists with their heads up looking at every curl on top of the towers. The facades of these buildings are forever etched in your memory, because such a variety of styles and cultural differences, combined in a perfect mixture and contrasting against each other, can only be found in Budapest. The diversity of the city amazes and delights from the very first glance and sticks in the minds of its visitors forever. The architectural appearance of the city reflects its rich historical heritage, which the capital of Hungary is as rich as ever.”