Programs of the house

Bokréta utca 28.

  • Architect:

    Bach János
  • Built:

  • Build by:

    nincs adat
  • Builder:

    Gerstenberger Emil
  • Function:

  • Researched:

    2020, 2015
  • Parcel Number:

  • Second address:

    Tűzoltó utca 25/b.
  • Photo:

    Vörös Nikolett
  • Photo:

    Ránki Dániel
  • Research:

    Dobos Viktória, Hauenstein Mátyás
  • Volunteers:

    Hauenstein Mátyás, Nagy Gergely


The building owes its great condition not only to its protected status ensured by the Municipality of Budapest, but at least as much to the enthusiastic, caring and demanding residents, who do not only preserve the values of the house for each other and for posterity, but they also improve further, complete and embellish their homes. In the basement of the neighbouring building, the body shop of the house owner Lajos Zupka and his son was once functioning.


Events of the house