Programs of the house

Győző utca 5. - Attila Court

  • Architect:

    Münnich Aladár
  • Built:

  • Build by:

    nincs adat
  • Builder:

    nincs adat
  • Function:

  • Opening hours:

    SZOMBAT-VASÁRNAP 10:00–18:00
  • Researched:

  • Parcel Number:

  • Second address:

    Pálya utca 17.
  • Photo:

    Spanyár Judit
  • Research:

    Vadász Ágnes
  • Volunteers:

    Búr Luca, Kóródi Marianna, Szélpál Kinga


"The condominium bearing the name of the glorious King of the Huns" stands on the corner of Pálya and Győző streets, its reliefs still bear a militant reminder of the " Scourge of God ". However, besides reminiscing about the past, the 20 apartments were originally equipped with modern amenities such as a central vacuum cleaner, washing machine and telephone for the comfort of the residents representing the middle class and the aristocracy.


Events of the house