Programs of the house

Hajadon utca 2.

Hajadon_u_2 Hajadon_u_2 Hajadon_u_2 Hajadon_u_2 +3
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  • Opening hours:

    SZOMBAT-VASÁRNAP 10:00–18:00 // SATURDAY-SUNDAY 10-18:00
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  • Second address:

    Úri utca 7. – Tárnok utca 8.
  • Photo:

    B. Tier Noémi
  • Research:

    Kővári Katinka
  • Volunteers:

    Tamási Dóra


The first Art Nouveau building of Buda Castle was built in the spring of 1910 at the junction of Úri, Hajadon and Tárnok Streets. At the time, the ground floor was occupied by the Town Pharmacy. After the World War II, two floors were removed in order to imitate medieval proportions, and this is how the current appearance of the building was created. The house is located at the corner of a street which is apparently the narrowest in the Hungarian capital (it is only 2.5 metres wide).

Events of the house