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Szépjuhászné - Gyermekvasút

  • Photo:

    Polinszky Tibor
  • Research:

    Cziegler Mária, Váczi Viktor
  • Volunteers:

    Váczi Viktor, Bánrévi Andrea, Csatáry Orsolya, Cziegler Mária, Gasparikné Jóna Katalin, Pirity Ádám


Who does not remember among today’s grandmothers and grandfathers the song of the little pioneers entitled “Hegyek között, völgyek között zakatol a vonat” [Trains go up and down the hills]? The service has been provided by children under the surveillance of adults on the narrow gauge railway line - which is also unique in the world - already since 1948. Among the first little pioneer-railwaymen was the former chief executive of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways), Gyula Várszegi dr. as well.

The exhibitions, building tours, screenings and other programmes organized in the framework of Budapest100 are free of charge, but the use of the Children’s Railway is subject to a ticket. You can find information about the ticket prices on the website of the Children’s Railway: (For families it is recommended to buy a Daily ticket for families that can be used by up to 2 adults + 3 children, or 1 adult + 4 children for unlimited number of trips on the day of its purchase (4000 HUF))


In parallel with the Budapest100 weekend, the traditional Alumni Day and the Family Alumni Day of the Children’s Railway is taking place, when service is provided not by the children, but by former little-pioneer and children railway employees (already adults).


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