About us

Szervezők, a teljesség igénye nélkül, 2014. VII. Damjanich utca 102. Fotó © Mohai Balázs

Budapest100 is a spring weekend celebration of the people and buildings around us. The event was founded in 2011 by the Open Society Archives and the KÉK Contemporary Architecture Centre. Budapest100 emphasises the common values of the city and aims to bring together people from varied backgrounds. It started as the celebration of the 100 year old buildings and as of 2015 the focus turned towards the different parts of the city. The original purpose remains: to reveal buildings from basement to attic, get to know their inhabitants and form new communities.
Our researches serve as a unique database on our webpage, we help keeping the stories of the residents alive, while we continuously believe: “Every building is interesting”.
Budapest100 is organized mainly by volunteers, together with the inhabitants and the representatives of the institutes. Every program is for free.

Budapest100 numbers from 2011:
154 000 visitors
655 open buildings
1 750 volunteers
22 400 Facebook followers
3 international awards: Lebendige Stadt Stiftung (2013), SozialMarie (2017), URBACT Good practice award (2017)
1 local award: Volunteer Program of the Year (2014)
3 international cooperations - Shared Cities: Creative Momentum (from 2016); DANUrB (from 2017), URBACT Transfer network (from 2018)
Book published in 2000 copies: Budapest100 stories – Twenty four out of three hundred (Budapest100 történetek – Huszonnégy a háromszázból)

Visit the official YouTube channel of Budapest100 and get to know the event.

Our book, Budapest100 stories is accessible at KÉK – Kortárs Építészeti Központ.