2022. December 6. Budapest100 presents: City Unification

150 is the new 100!

In 2023, we will be celebrating no less an occasion than Budapest's 150th birthday. To mark the occasion, the next Budapest100 will celebrate the 150-year-old houses of Budapest.

The weekend of open houses, extended to four days in 2022,will once again feature a professional conference and a walking tour day from 11-14 May 2023. During this long weekend, we invite you on an urban journey through time, from past to future, focusing on the unification of Pest, Buda and Óbuda in 1873. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary, we will explore what the city was like a century and a half ago, how it has evolved since then and what paths lie ahead.

During more than half a year of research and events, we seek answers to questions such as:

  • How do we live and build today in a 150-year-old (but actually much older) city?
  • What do we think of a city or a building designed a century and a half ago?
  • How has the city consciously and organically evolved over the past decades?
  • How can we deal well with the very mixed architectural and historical heritage that we have left over from 150, 100, 50 years ago?
  • What contemporary answers and solutions do we see for individual buildings or neighbourhoods to these questions and challenges?

Although the houses built at the time of the unification and the surrounding urban layout still define the image of Budapest today, the metropolis that was emerging by the Millennium was still a long way from both the rural Buda and Óbuda and the rapidly urbanising Pest. The Budapest100 weekend will showcase the buildings of the period, from grand apartment blocks to public buildings and small ground-floor houses, reflecting the economic and social diversity of the city at the time. We will explore how a house, street or neighbourhood has changed and how its fate has evolved along with the communities that lived in it then and now.

This year, our team of researchers have again managed to collect more than 220 houses built exactly 150 years ago in what is now Budapest, most of which remain in their original state. The full list of houses is now available on the Budapest100 website. We are already welcoming applications from people who would like to join the programme - if you live in one of the houses on the list, please contact us at budapest100@kek.org.hu!