Programs of the house

Keleti Károly utca 9. ll/a-b. 13/a-b. 1 5/ab-c. Bimbó utca 2.

  • Architect:

    Rainer Károly
  • Built:

    1928, 1929
  • Builder:

    nincs adat
  • Function:

  • Opening hours:

    SZOMBAT-VASÁRNAP 13:00–18:00
  • Researched:

  • Parcel Number:

  • Second address:

    Bimbó utca 2.
  • Photo:

    Tóvári László
  • Research:

    Ódry Emese
  • Volunteers:

    Boda Viktória


The boarding house and twin tenement house was built in 1929 in Historicist style, on the commission of the politician and sociologist Count József Mailáth. The complex is one of the most significant works of architect Károly Rainer. Rózsadomb (“Rose Hill”) Café and Restaurant was opened in the early 1930s on the ground floor of the boarding house. The restaurant soon became one of the favourite places of the bourgeoisie of Budapest due to its French cuisine and Parisienne atmosphere and the dances in the evening.


Events of the house