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Táncsics Mihály utca 5.

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    SZOMBAT-VASÁRNAP 10:00–18:00 // SATURDAY-SUNDAY 10:00–18:00
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    Petrány Máté
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    Cziegler Mária
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    Cziegler Mária, Stein Fanni


The cistern in the basement – which was already in use during the Ottoman period as a coolroom, they say – is one of the main sights of this house, itself dating back to medieval times. However, we can ascend high from below: beyond the unique artworks of the Koller Gallery, the view from the Amerigo Tot Memorial Room is also unique: not just the area surrounding the Castle District but the Margaret Island, the Danube and the Pest side of the city also can be seen from here.


Events of the house