Programs of the house

Táncsics Mihály utca 26.

  • Function:

    lakóház, intézmény
  • Opening hours:

    VASÁRNAP 10:00–18:00 // SUNDAY 10:00–18:00
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  • Photo:

    Kálmán Dániel
  • Research:

    Szij Barbara, Takács Ágoston
  • Volunteers:

    EMIH - Magyar Zsidó Szövetség, Nagy Gabriella


Originally built as a bourgeois house in the 14th century, it was later reconstructed many times. Based on its frescoes from the 17th century, at that time it was more than a common house: it could have been the residence of the rabbi or even a synagogue as well. After the renovation in 1964 it was turned into an exhibition room showing the history of the medieval Jewry of Buda and since 2018 it functions as a synagogue as well.


Events of the house